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Incurance Claim Coverage

The Insurance Companies have convinced you it is a good idea to send their guy out to "tell you how much they owe you...." It is not.

Have you suffered a catastrophic insurance loss? It could be from any number of insured causes or “Peril”(s).








Sudden Burst (All leaks are sudden bursts, how else did the water penetrate?)




There are a ton, if you are unsure, just call or email us below..


Fortunately, the actual loss is usually very swift. It happens before anyone can really think, or plan, or make sound decisions beyond getting to safety. Usually, a fortunately accompanies an unfortunately, this is no different. Much worse. Now, you MUST deal with your insurance company. The company who has done this so many times, that they have gotten very good at it. Well, for stockholders and investors, you know, and bonuses. (Remember AIG, they received bail out funds, then immediately cut bonuses to the very souls who ran the firm into the ground.


Now, for just one second, ask yourself a very simple, straightforward question. Who is going to come and adjust my insurance loss? There is a very simple, straight forward answer…..the very people who actually owe YOU for the loss. Think about that momentarily. The insurance company, who owes YOU, the Insured, for damages sustained by a covered loss, is sending THEIR guy to tell you, how little damage you really have, and how they really don’t owe you that much at all. (Have you ever told your insurance company how much premiums you were going to pay?)


So, if you were in business to pay people money for covered losses, yet every dollar you spent, came from your very own Profit, how honest could you expect to be? Day after day, claim after claim?


Insured hires contractor to perform repairs. Contractor states there is not enough funds, and you need to “supplement” your insurance carrier.


There are two problems with this thought process. Some will disagree, if so, ask how much money they make from not “understanding” the full ramifications of their actions:


The insured is a layman, both with Insurance and construction. Meaning anyone who has knowledge is considered to have an advantage over someone who does not. The contractor, in most states, is strictly prohibited from representing YOU, the Insured, in any claim against an insurance company. This holds especially true in Texas. In fact, there are only three people who can adjust a claim on behalf of an insured. 1) You the insured. This is tantamount to handling your own legal case. 2) An attorney, duly licensed & capable of practicing in the property and casualty field, and a 3) Licensed Public Adjuster. That is it. In Texas, there are approximately 740 current Public Adjuster licenses eligible to help you, the insured. 734!


Once this path is well on its way, the next and largest issue will arise. No one has a clue what the insurance company is ACTUALLY going to pay. In essence, you the insured, whether it is a commercial property or residential property, are forced to sign an open-ended contract with a contractor, when neither of you have a budget or a clue how much the actual costs will be, nor what the insurance carrier will “offer“. One might argue that the numbers could not be that FAR OFF! I not only disagree, I can prove it within just a few seconds. On average, EVERY SINGLE INSURANCE CLAIM is UNDERPAID by at least 100%. More often than not, the number is in the thousands of percent greater than the insurance company offered.  Sound Crazy? Read on…..


The insurance company initially paid Less than $40,000.00. We settled the claim for approximately $580,000.00……… How many times will $40,000.00 go into $580,000.00?


Insurance is a business. There is no secret. No magic wand.


Your Insurance company can choose to make profit, or pay your claim.


Only complete knowledge in our field, and the genuine want to do what we were hired for; after all, you only paid premiums for one reason, to file a legitimate claim when necessary, and our only job is to make sure that happens.


All an insurance company has to do to underpay your claim, is do it. There is absolutely NOTHING standing in between them, you, and their profit…. Except us. Licensed Public Adjusters in Texas. Specifically with our corporate office located in Galveston, Texas. We help insureds all over the USA. Insureds just like you. 


Never be afraid to ask questions. You can catch us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and multiple other platforms, or all the information you could want or need has been put in an easy to search and read format.


My name is Cal Spoon. My wife, Melanie Spoon and I started this company over 13 years ago. We are both licensed Public Adjusters and we have built it on doing one thing, one premise. #ProtectTheInsured. When we do that one simple thing, we personally, without fail, are going to benefit. Every time, every claim.


What other profession, especially in an insurance claim, has someone PROMISED BY CONTRACT, not to charge unless they actually benefited you, the client, the important one?


Call or come see us.

Hurricane Specialist / Licensed Public Insurance/Adjusters in Texas #1603054 

Cal Spoon FL Lic # W529489


As Always, No Recovery, Absolutely No Fee!




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