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We started this journey to help insured's recover the benefits of their insurance claim. It is a little known fact that you, the insured, has contractual duties above and beyond reporting the claim, and paying the deductible. Both of those are listed, along with quite few others under Your Duties After a Loss section. It specifically spells out what you MUST do before the insurance company owes you anything... They have convinced the world, and I believe, most everyone who works in the industry, that they should be the ones who perform those duties, and tell you, the insured "if" they owe, and "how much" THEY owe... If you could use an image for "Conflict of Interest", that would be the perfect one. We stop that. We speak their language better than they do, on all levels. From the construction of your home or business, to what the policy has already agreed to do in the event of the loss. How much it costs the insurance company is only discussed if the policy limits are reached. As always... #ProtectTheInsured

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