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Insurance Claim Solutions

In the event of a covered loss, your insurance policy requires very specific duties asidefrom reporting the claim, and "allowing" your insurance company to provide a "Good Faith Offer". Without your COMPLETE performance, that is all they are required to do


Luckily, the policy you signed had all the planning that was necessary already in it. You signed this and funded this contract prior to the loss. This means the contract, not the insurance companies profits, will be the deciding factor.


We use the same software they do, with one key difference. We are looking for the truth, no matter who it benefits. We can only help you if we do it within the confines of YOUR specific loss, and the policy that governs it.


We typically see results in excess of over 500% increase in the initial "Good WIll" offer to when we are completed. Remember, No Recovery, Absolutely No Fee! We will never charge more than 10% of the Total Recovery.

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